How valuable is an umbrella for me when someone approaches me?

One of the biggest problems in a defense situation is that the attacker has left behind all inhibitions, but the victim is completely taken by surprise and has an enormously high inhibition threshold to effectively defend himself.

It makes a huge (!) difference if you meet an attacker with your own hands or a "tool". To use one's own hands means that the attacker can only be grasped because he is already so close that the victim themselves have already been grasped. Having an aid to create distance means not being forced to make direct physical contact, which makes it easier for you to fight back.

A potential attacker and violent criminal breaks through the border, which we generally perceive as a "safe" distance to strangers and thus totally and completely irritates us. A tool - for example, the Security Umbrella - gives us the opportunity to keep the attacker further away, and thus have much more time and opportunity to assess the situation, to overcome the first horror and above all to react correctly.

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