Why should I buy the DVD? I can just as well attend a self-defense seminar.

At first glance, that seems logical; a practical instruction in the presence of an expert is not wrong. However, reality is different and you should not take any risks, especially in such an important matter as your own safety. How long do you think your memory will still be able to correctly execute the shown techniques after for example three weeks? - Exactly, experience shows that most people are not able to carry out the essential processes even after a month, even in a trouble-free training environment. How do you think the effectiveness of their defensive attempts will be in a dangerous stress situation?

We are following a different concept and you are better assisted with our DVDs: for less money you get more knowledge including the demonstration of the most important exercises that are permanently available to you. You can repeat these exercises at home anytime and if you are unsure about individual processes, just take a look at our educational film. We know that your benefits and your acquired skills will be much higher in this way; you also spend less and also have less effort (no trip to the seminar).

Do you have a question for our instructor Robert Amper? Send them by email to chiefinstructor@security-umbrella.com; he will gladly answer you them here for all readers.

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