A German policeman after a comprehensive test of the Security Umbrella in Mai 2018

During the past weeks, I have extensively tested the security umbrella.

Material: The security umbrella is very stable and meets all requirements including the well-known test (step on it, hit against sandbags, etc.) without problem; even after multiple hits, the umbrella opens and closes without any issues. The massive metal tip, as well as the massive knob are also suitable for rescue missions (breaking car windows amongst other things). Due to the use of fiberglass, the security umbrella is nevertheless relatively light and by the practical carrying straps of the protective cover, it is easy to carry even during prolonged walks or use.

Handling: Easy and practical use due to the carrying straps; light weight. All common stick techniques from various martial arts (JoDo, KenDo etc.) are feasible, after a certain period of adjustment to the weight distribution / focus. Due to the mentioned weight distribution of the security umbrella is particularly suitable for the recommended self-defense techniques (DVD).

Subtlety: The security umbrella looks like an ordinary, high-quality umbrella for unbiased observers. Especially in the Central European area, you can carry an umbrella almost all year round with you, without it seeming too unusual.

Self-defense: The security umbrella is an almost ideal self-defense device. It is legal in all public areas, so it can be taken anywhere by anyone. In the ideal case, it is already held in your hand when you should get into a dangerous situation, so you are always ready to defend yourself. The size and length of the screen can effectively keep an attacker at bay. The security umbrella is almost "unbreakable". A defense with the umbrella is effectively possible, but at the same time there is a relatively low probability of lethal injury to the attacker. Defending yourself with the umbrella is really easy to learn with comparably low training effort (compared to various martial arts).

IMPORTANT: Maybe there are other similar quality self-defense umbrellas. But, the outstanding thing about your umbrella, Mr. Spannbauer, is the overall concept SECURITY UMBRELLA.
1. Absolutely high quality umbrella
2. "Instruction Manual": The self-defense course with the security umbrella provided on DVD is the first completely realistic course I have seen on this subject. Simple effective techniques, learnable without excessive training effort. All sorts of mistakes that could be made especially by beginners / inexperienced people are addressed and eliminated. All unrealistic expectations are addressed (eg disarming of a trained knife attacker, etc.), and eliminated. Truly outstanding and moreover flavored with a nice pinch of humor.
3. The "cap": The supplied hard plastic cap is also unique. This little inconspicuous additional gimmick completes the overall concept SECURITY UMBRELLA. The cap will not only give you a secure hold if you want to put the umbrella down somewhere, but also for training with a partner, the cap is convenient because it virtually prevents the unintentional injury of the partner. Another plus is that you can use the umbrella, (at least in the longer version), through the cap very well as a walking stick - pleasant for long walks / hikes and another plus in terms of inconspicuousness.

Conclusion: I recommend the security umbrella as a full self-defense device for anyone and even rarely leave the house without it. In addition, I recommend the security umbrella even in light to heavy rain, because it also provides excellent protection; this was just extensively tested for a week on vacation in Scotland ???? ...

With best regards from sunny Germany and a heartfelt thank you,

C. S. (active Policeman in Germany, so we hide the name)

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