Branko Micic, Ving Tsun Chief Instructor - VTBM Austria Self Defense Chief Instructor - SDBM Austria

Already as an eight-year-old I began to train karate. Already then I learned how to use the Hanbo (Half-stick), which comes close to the security umbrella. Fourteen years and countless training sessions later (1990) I started with Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

The very fluid, short and explosive movements of this extremely direct fighting style, in which every little mistake of the opponent is immediately exploited and its attack and
defense sequences often last only a few seconds, have convinced me that I still learn and teach them today. For many years now I have been teaching in the security and executive sector and have had many years of experience.

We are working on our self-defense training that is oriented around the needs of today - and what our students bring with them. To bring literally: pen, key, umbrella, brush, belt and scarf; these are all useful weapons, if you know how to use them.

Especially the security umbrella is ideal for this! I have tested this umbrella very strenuously with my assistant and can say "top quality". It is inconspicuous, but very effective, if one uses it for self-protection. The umbrella has become so popular in our training that the half-stick is used more often.

Also from my side a big compliment to Mr. Spannbauer and his team.

Branko Micic

VTBM - Ving Tsun Austria

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