The Secuity Package for business owners, companies, institutions, associations, etc.

Suppose you are a business owner, run a car dealership, a doctor's office, a hotel, or run a real estate agency, etc. Then you know for certain that sometimes strangers enter your business or property, causing you and your employees a queasy feeling.

You've probably asked yourself many times before, "what would I do if …?". - What if you and your staff knew how to use the umbrella and were able to keep some Security Umbrellas standing inconspicuously in some corners of your office? At an agreed sign, your employees take the umbrellas and are swiftly able to master the situation.

The same applies to all accessible commercial spaces such as car dealerships, petrol stations, exhibition areas, clinics, offices, etc. Too often you are confronted with people you do not trust, and where you have to be prepared for the worst.

We're not talking about life-threatening attacks right here. An intoxicated person or group of unruly adolescents can cause enough unpleasant anger and may need to be reprimanded. For this, the Security Umbrella is the perfect tool. It is used to crowd out, block or threaten. In addition, it protects against the rain and there is always a need for umbrellas in your company. Why not then possess an umbrella that contains this valuable additional function?

Take a chance in investing the multi-talented Security Umbrella! This special umbrella keeps you dry and reliable, and when it gets critical, you and your staff have the most effective tool in hand, providing protection and confidence. Your employees will surely value this enhanced level of security in the office. They will be able to leave the property feeling much more confident and less endangered, as well as going to viewing appointments feeling a lot more secure.

But think a step further: Why risk pain and injuries, when punches, kicks, etc. can be warded off better with the Security Umbrella instead of with your own body? I asked my friend Jan, a strong guy with an impressive 95 kg of muscle and years of martial arts experience, why he needs an umbrella. Straight and to the point, he said: "Why should I risk pain and injuries if I can use the Security Umbrella?”

Save money: For you there is hardly a more effective and, above all, cheaper way to achieve so much for the safety of your company. You buy some Security Packages for your business or equip employees, aka your teams with them. You also do not have to strenuously motivate your employees to attend self-defense classes in their free time. You also do not lose valuable work time for safety training in the company. Apart from that, the cost of such lengthy measures is quite high and it is rather hard to enforce them on employees.

No, make it easier for yourself: simply hand over the Security Package to employees and allow them private use, if they watch the DVD within 14 days and confirm that they have done the exercises and will continue to do so in the future. With this effective action you clearly increase the security in your company in the short term and show the employees that you care about them.

Do not forget the evening trip home: Often it is late, rainy, foggy - let us just say unpleasant. You never know who is on the road with what intentions. How reassuring is the feeling of not only being protected from wind and weather with the umbrella, but also having the most effective aid for emergency situations?

Once again, once you've learned how to handle the umbrella - which can be used like a cane, rod or baseball bat - you're much safer. With it you have an aid in hand, with which you can avert or block attacks. Above all, you benefit from the not to be underestimated reach advantage.

Consider the reality: In an attack, the attacker weakens you by kicking you in the stomach or thighs. The stinging pain fixes your attention and deprives you of strength. You will then be weakened for the upcoming attacks.

Not so if you fend off the blows with the umbrella, such as through blocking. First, it irritates the attacker, even if it does not cause a direct effect. In addition, it will cause him pain when you block his blows with the umbrella. He will become weakened, not you. Now, if you act how we explained in detail in our DVD, such as stabbing repeatedly or targeting your blows, most attackers will be impressed and intimidated, causing them to retreat, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

Introductory Action: If you purchase more than three security packages, you will receive a 20% discount for a limited time. - When placing your order in our shop, enter the code  "Security-Company". This voucher is only valid for traders starting from an order value of 300 Dollar; it cannot be combined with other discounts.

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