Security Umbrella men "City-Safe" round hook handle

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Your protector in tight spaces or in crowds It is difficult to defend yourself effectively in... more
Product information "Security Umbrella men "City-Safe" round hook handle"

Your protector in tight spaces or in crowds

It is difficult to defend yourself effectively in cramped conditions, since there is simply not enough space to draw back or for takedowns. Life often plays out when others are around. In order to protect yourself in these situations, we have developed the "City-Safety". This special 78 cm umbrella is perfect for blocking attacks or for taking suitable defensive action in confined spaces such as in the city, on public transport or at events.  

This umbrella conforms to the length of a Hanbo, baton or expandable baton. And who walks around the city with a stick? Therefore, this special personal safety umbrella is perfect for anyone trained in handling sticks.

This umbrella is also perfect for all field staff, law enforcement officers, public order officers, etc., who regularly deal with combative people. In an emergency, this umbrella is for your safety and you would use it as you would an (illegal) baton. You can deflect takedowns, strikes and kicks; block direct attacks and take defensive action from a distance.

You will benefit from the element of surprise, since the aggressor will not expect you to have such an effective tool. However, this will work to your advantage; due to an increased sense of security, you immediately feel capable of defending yourself, and this will discourage some would-be attackers.

With a 96 cm diameter in its open state, this umbrella will generally be used to protect you from the elements. When it’s not raining, carry the umbrella over your shoulder using the protective cover included with the umbrella. If there is ever a threatening situation, you will already have an efficient tool in your hands.

Countless personal bodyguards, police officers, security guards, selfdefense trainers etc. use our umbrellas in their responsible activities.

A perfect combination: this special umbrella will keep you dry and offers protection in case of emergency. 

 "The umbrella in the short version (80 cm length) is p-e-r-f-e-c-t ... The length, the handiness – this umbrella is, in my opinion, an excellent defense tool.

I had been searching for a long time for a tool of this length and maneuverability. This umbrella is simply brilliant. Especially in the city, in a train or a bus where space is limited, this umbrella is my tool of choice. Personally, I am more than convinced!"

Robert Amper (Holder of 3rd Dan rank in Wado Ryu Karate, Practical Self-Defense Instructor and Nunchaku)

Length: 78 cm

Diameter open: 96 cm

Weight: 600 Gram

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Customer evaluation for "Security Umbrella men "City-Safe" round hook handle"
15 Sep 2017

Ein sehr guter Service bei einer Reklamation

Vor einem Jahr habe ich zwei Schirme gekauft. Bin mit der Funktion bisher absolut zufrieden. Leider brach vor einigen Tagen ein Speichenelemnt. Nach Reklamation, wurde mir sofort ein neuer Schirm angeboten, bei Rückgabe des defekten Schirms. Das nenne ich absoluten Kundenservice.

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